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“David is amazing! He is very thorough and so knowledgeable. Our son started lessons at age 7 and has now been with David almost a year. Lessons each week are such a treat because our boy gets to learn something he loves from someone who has great passion, skill and patience! David is a fantastic drummer and so happy to have him as a teacher!”

-Sara S. 1/19/21

““My son loves attending Music Lessons Central.  He started with Piano and now does drums as well.  He has grown so much musically. Video classes have been a blessing thru Corvid.  My son thoroughly enjoys them and looks forward to them. I strongly recommend David for drums and Mrs. Val for Piano. They are like family to us now!”

-Jean M. 1/19/21

““Our son has been taking drum lessons with David from Music Lessons Central for almost two years.  He loves working with David and has learned far beyond our expectations.  It is a great learning atmosphere and we couldn't love it more!” 

-Eric P. 1/20/21

“My name is Ghada R. and I have three kids who attend Music Lessons Central. My two boys, Issam and Nizar have been taking Drum lessons with teacher David Bown for the past three years. My daughter, Layaan, has been taking piano lessons with teacher Christina for the last two years! Music Lessons Central is a kid friendly center with many talented and passionate teachers. They care about their students and always on time. They give positive feedback and challenge the kids to do more and excel in learning music. I strongly recommend Music Lessons Central to families with different age kids. My boys love David as their drum teacher, he is funny, patient and most of all makes the lessons fun! They look forward to their weekly lessons, he gives enough homework for them to focus on the notes and learn to play songs when they are ready. David interacts with the kids very respectfully. He is an experienced drum teacher: no doubt !!” My daughter extremely enjoys her weekly lessons with her piano teacher Christina. She is flexible, goes out of her way to make sure her students learn piano properly and master the notes! Christina is well organized and makes the lessons fun. My daughter is advancing fast because of Christina ‘s great teaching skills. ”

-Ghada R. 1/20/21

“Coming from a musical family, my son David was already musically inclined from a young age. In order to nurture this side of him he enrolled in orchestra at his school, choosing the violin and I encouraged him to pick an additional instrument he can learn on his own. My son right away chose drums, no hesitation. Finding the right instructor for your child is not something a mother can do hastily.  After reading reviews for Music Central, I knew David Bown would be a great drum teacher for my son. Two years later, my son really enjoys his drum lessons and even though I still have to nudge him to practice daily, he always reassures me that he plans to play drums indefinitely and its nice knowing he’s in good hands.”

-Joanne T. 1/22/21

“I’ve been taking drum lessons with David since I was in 6th grade. I am so thankful to have him guide me through my drumming journey because without him, I don’t believe I would be as good as I am as a drummer!”

-Gyron E. ~ 16 y/o Drummer, 11th Grade 1/23/21

“Mr. Bown has been my amazing drum teacher since 2016. He is an excellent drum teacher because he is thorough in explaining things I may not understand. He is also very fun, and engaging when he teaches me. He is also very patient. If his students make a mistake, he will help them correct it. He makes sure that his students are able to understand what he teaches, by asking them if they understand and if they don’t, he will explain it to them to help them understand. I have been with him for almost 5 years, and I have learned so many things from him, that I don’t think I would have learned from any other drum teacher.”

-Adryane D. ~ 14 y/o Drummer, 8th Grade 1/27/21

“My three kids take piano lessons from Ms. Christina for almost 8 years and they’ve never wanted to have other piano teachers. Through the years, we appreciate her punctuality, thoughtfulness, and sense of responsibility. She is a great piano teacher with positive moral for young kids.”

-Nozomi A. 1/29/21

“Christina Cruickshank is the most patient teacher I have ever known. She is always positive in her guidance of my piano study. I wouldn’t last without that approach.”

-Gina S. 1/29/21

“Miss Christina has been an excellent teacher. She’s incredibly patient and my son has enjoyed learning from her. She also made the switch to virtual lessons seamlessly, which we really appreciated!”

-Abby F. 1/29/21

“I have been taking guitar lessons from Mike for about 6 years, In the beginning I wasn't sure how far I wanted to go with it, with that being said Mike continually keeps me engaged and challenged. I know his students range from pre-teens to gray hairs and his patience with all of us as we progress in our skills exceeds our patience as students. I told Mike at my first lessen that I wanted to play the guitar because I had things to say.  Mike has a lifetime of experience and knowledge enabling him to help me to realize a desire I've had all my life to express myself musically. All you really need to do is listen to and watch him play, the rest is up to you.”

-David S. 2/4/21

Our family has been a client of Music Lessons Central since 2019 when our little boy began taking drum lessons from David Bown.  Originally, my husband and I weren’t sure if lessons for a then-five-year-old would be workable; however, David’s incredibly friendly yet very professional approach to lessons has been really successful for all of us!  Prior to the pandemic, in-person lessons at Music Lessons Central’s Redlands studio were scheduled at our convenience, and conducted in a private room with a viewing area for parents.  Once COVID-19 restricted ability to hold studio lessons, David worked to find the best virtual meeting application to enable lessons to continue online, which we have been doing ever since.  I can’t say enough about how easy it’s been to work with David because of his flexibility in scheduling and his excellent communication with us.  I am also just beyond thrilled at the progress my son has made, both in skill development, but also in the confidence that’s accompanied his transition from beginner to someone who can read and play complicated music.  We have been committed to ensuring our child practices, but otherwise this amazing 18-month transformation has occurred as a result of David’s considerable knowledge, talent and skill as a drummer and a teacher. We feel so incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon Music Lessons Central and David, and recommend them to anyone in the market for lessons!”

-Mandy P. 1/20/21

“I have been taking lessons with Mike for a few years now.  I have improved 2X as fast with him as my teacher because he uses technology, encourages me to write and record music, and he has the most awesome band room!  Thank you for all the fun times.”

-David B. 2/10/21

““Music lesson central is not only a place to learn music, you learn how to fall in love with it and it becomes a passion. I've been playing the piano for 6 ½ years. What I've enjoyed is the atmosphere when you enter the building. You feel at ease with the welcoming of the teachers. Playing the piano has taught me how to express my feelings throughout an instrument. Everyone shows their love and passion about how music is a learning journey. They will guide you in the best intelligent, comical and most beautiful growing experience. There’s never been a better place to learn music than Music Lesson Central.”

 -Kylee O. (Val’s Student) 2/7/21

“When our son came to my wife and I with the desire to learn to play drums we were concerned that we would end up finding either: a professional musician with minimal teaching skills, or a professional teacher with minimal music skills. With Music Lessons Central you get the BEST of both worlds. My son has been taking drum lessons from Dave for a few years now and has progressed tremendously. He has become interested in a broader range of musical genres just because he has learned how to appreciate the drumming and musicianship that goes into it. He is getting so much value out of each lesson and it is a lot of fun to watch his skills improve (which has continued without fail even since moving to virtual lessons for the pandemic). As for Dave, after meeting him you wouldn’t want anyone else to teach you how to play drums. He lives and breathes drumming, eats it for breakfast and has the skills to pass his craft on to others. You would be hard pressed to find anyone anywhere near as supportive or as patient as he is.

Over time we have also gotten to know a few other instructors and their students – they are always very friendly and have treated us like family since day one! The instructors are always in a good mood and having a great time. You can tell it’s because they love what they do. Ultimately, creating a positive learning environment for students at any level or age. And as a bonus…Music Lessons Central is easily one of the distinct local businesses that helps make Redlands what it is, and we are fortunate to be able to support our community as clients."


I truly can’t say enough about this place. MLC ROCKS!!!


Thank you Dave and the MLC family!

-Geoff and Barbara W. 2/11/21

"David is not only a wonderful person and a highly skilled drummer, he has a natural talent for teaching! He is patient and encouraging but especially he possesses the amazing ability to blend serious, focused instruction with fun. My daughter (9 yo) is excited for her lesson every week and we feel very grateful to have found David!”

-Antonella B. 2/13/21

“During my times working with Ms. Christina for piano lessons, I have learned plenty of stuff about piano and what different words and signs mean during my piano lessons. She takes things slow and steady and makes sure I’m good and comfortable with a song before I move on to learn a new song.”

- Emily Nguyen 3/7/21

“I have learned so much as Ms. Christina’s student. As she has taught me how to read music and play piano, I’ve also learned how to love the instrument and realize how much fun music can be. There have always been difficult times when learning how to play, but I’m so thankful I kept with it and never gave up.” 

- Shannon Cockerill 3/7/21