Hayley Stange
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Hayley Stange is a proud, enthusiastic vocalist and vocal instructor with an insatiable appetite to see her students grow and succeed. Having studied voice and music in depth since childhood, her devotion to her craft increased ten fold when she began teaching in 2021. Since then, Hayley’s experiences have lead her to develop a curriculum based on tried-and-true methods for developing healthy vocal projection, musicianship, and performance techniques that enable the singer to cultivate vocal excellence across genres. Tools like the Kodaly method, mindfulness exercises, the Alexander Technique and others have produced the same success in her students, young and old, as they have in her. Hayley understands that each singer has different needs, interests, and vocal anatomies, so she is adept in forming a weekly curriculum for each student based on their own needs and goals as a singer. No student leaves a lesson unprepared or unsure of how to proceed with their practice. In addition to her understanding of music and vocal mechanics, she is well versed in other areas such as songwriting, studio recording, music production, and stage performance, which allows her to help her singers participate as well rounded musicians in a modern music world.

While she adores the relationships she builds with young singers of all ages, she is also equipped to teach adult students with beginner to intermediate skill levels. Techniques taught are fundamentals of singing that stay with students for life. Among the topics students will master are breath support, posture and alignment, healthy vocal production, proper registration, musicianship, and freedom in singing without tension. Hayley also helps singers tap into their inner creativity to give them the ability to make expressive musical choices on the fly, as any good singer can. She plans to pursue her Masters in Vocal Performance after her imminent graduation at Cal Poly Pomona, where she will soon receive her Bachelors of Arts in Music Industry Studies in Spring of 2023.