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is proud to represent….drum roll please….
Music Lessons Central is now offering LIVE BAND lessons as an addition to our current music lessons program.
The Live Band program is open to all ages and we are encouraging all students to participate in the unique opportunity to expand your musical talents.
Here is how the Live Band program works. We will place students in bands according to:
· Chosen Instrument
· Age Group
· Playing Ability Level
· Music Genre/Taste
· Day and Times you are available
· With any friends at MLC you want to be in a band with
MLC Live Bands will perform LIVE throughout the Inland Empire approximately once per month at area venue and events. These events will be posted and announced in advance.
LIVE BAND LESSON PROGRAM $170/mo and includes:
· Current Regularly Scheduled ½ hour private lesson
· Band Practice for 1 ½ hours once a week
· Experience Band Coach to teach you how to work as a band and perform live
· LIVE performances approximately once per month*
· As this program develops, we intend to add on more features such as band photo shoots and recording a CD.
*We will make every attempt to schedule events once per month. However, given that we are performing at outside locations, there is no guarantee of days or dates.
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