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MIKE FREELAND - Guitar and Bass

Mike started playing guitar at 15. "I wanted a motorcycle but got a guitar instead, little did my folks
know what they had started." From the start, lessons were important to learning as quickly as he could
and after 3 years of lessons from various teachers, he began to teach others out of his family's home.
After going to Valley College Mike then began teaching at "Liers Music" in San Bernardino, CA.
Then went to Musicians Institute in Hollywood and graduated in the top 20 of over 800 in his class. Read More >>

  DAVID BOWN - Drums/Percussion

David's Bio Coming Soon!


I have been teaching music and enjoying my students and their families for 38 years. I have an A A degree in music and also attended UCLA for 1 year. I have privately studied with Ann Moore and Giana Pirelli, who was Director of the Music Department at Valley college and a concert pianist. Read More >>


Eric Rechsteiner has been playing and teaching guitar professionally for over 25 years. He has been formally trained in music by receiving a Bachelor of Arts in music from the University of Redlands with a primary emphasis in the study of jazz improvisation. Eric has taught for the National Guitar Workshop for over 13 years teaching their advanced progressive rock courses and has performed live with popular artists such as John Petrucci (Dream Theatre) and Paul Gilbert. Read More >>

  LAURI MENDES - Guitar and Bass

Lauri Mendes has been actively teaching in the California and Ohio areas for the past nineteen years. Ms. Mendes holds a Master’s degree from USC with instructors that include the renowned pianist Daniel Pollack and harpsichordist Malcolm Hamilton. Ms. Mendes has also finished seventy-eight credits towards a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the Cleveland Institute of Music. Read More >>

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