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Mike started playing guitar at 15. "I wanted a motorcycle but got a guitar instead, little did my folks know what they had started." From the start, lessons were important to learning as quickly as he could and after 3 years of lessons from various teachers, he began to teach others out of his family's home. After going to Valley College Mike then began teaching at "Liers Music" in San Bernardino, CA. Then went to Musicians Institute in Hollywood and graduated in the top 20 of over 800 in his class.

In 1997, Mike Freeland and David Bown started their own Music School - "Music Lessons Central". Mike teaches in various styles from rock to classical. The school has been going strong for over 12 years at the San Bernardino Location on Hospitality lane, and since December 2009 in Redlands (6 teachers: Guitar - Bass - Drums - Vocal and Piano).

Who are your early musical influences?
Judas Priest - Black Sabbath - Ted Nugent - Boston - Rush - those are a few but there are so many more.

What bands do you like now?
3 Doors Down - Disturbed - Korn's newer stuff - Godsmack - I like the guitar riffs from bands like As I Lay Dying - Still Standing - just not into the vocals from them - Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. Always once again too many to name - that's just the rock ones - I play Spanish and classical guitar also like Peppino D'agostino so there are all those guys also.

What's in your CD player right now?
My bands C. D. Hindsight 20/20. Disturbeds last one, a couple of cover ones for shows

What equipment do you use?
Mesa Boogie amps and Ibanez and Fender and Baker Guitars.

What was your worst gig ever?
There's this guy locally that books some "slum lord gigs".
Bad P.A. his gigs are never on time - no lights - toilets overflow all the time - really sick place to play - but the audience was great.

Best gig ever?
Opening for the Lynch Mob - or playing on Maui - that was fun. :)

What are your hobbies?
Finding great places to practice guitar and Reading -

Favorite book?
Way way too many - love the Wheel of Time series from Robert Jordan and Tad Williams' stuff - Tolkien - Koontz - and King.

What is your musical education?
2 yrs in college and a degree from M. I. (Musicians Institute). I've had private lessons from a lot of teachers (Jody Fisher being the most memorable). Also Lots of books and friends that have helped along the way.

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